Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seltzer tastes digusting.

It really does. The company has a free vending machine on our floor with every type of soda imaginable and I thought I'd try out something different today so I got a Raspberry Lime Seltzer since it's zero calories. It tastes really bitter and strong, reminds me of that terrible beer people forced on me in China last summer, yet ironically I'm on my second can of seltzer today. Maybe carbonated water is really just liquefied marijuana in disguise and once you start you can't get off of it. Not that I've tried any drugs but I have a feeling I'd be a terrible addict if I ever try anything.

Spent an entire morning at a microscope room taking pictures. The room is pretty nifty, you have to get through a rotating door that blocks off all the light from outside and once inside it's completely dark and you have turn on this special orange light to work at the station. It's similar to the dark room in our high school photography class...made me a little nostalgic actually. Photography in high school was alot of fun, we worked with old-school manual cameras and did some trippy things like double exposure, long exposures, and dodging and burning. My old camera is probably sitting in the closet gathering dust right now :( I'm gonna make it my new goal for the summer to actually find that camera and start taking pictures again. Hopefully this will actually happen instead just becoming another false promise.

But onto another topic, is it bad to not remember people's names? I've been running into this animal facility dude alot lately on my way from room to room, he's a very nice and conversational type of guy, so we'd always stop for a while and talk about the weather and work and he'd give me updates on soccer games. I know we've introduced ourselves at the beginning of the summer, but I don't remember his name and I feel really bad because he'd always greet me by my name and it feels a little rude not to respond in the same way. I have an urge to just ask him again, but that sounds a little bit weird right?

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