Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Rambling continued/trailer trash/fashion

So bored. Wants to go home now. Guh.

I ran into a high school friend at TJ Maxx a few days ago. I think I might have mentioned about her to some of you before (Vivian maybe? idk) and said I found out through facebook that she got pregnant and had a baby and two days after the baby was born, her relationship status went from in a relationship to single. Anyways, she's working at the Maxx for the summer.

She doesn't seem so different, even talks in the same way as I remember from years ago. I feel guilty about admitting this but when I first found out she got pregnant, I thought ohh noo, she turned into one of the trailer-trash girls and made her way into the hooker community with piercings and tattoos, but it turned out she's still the same nice and friendly girl, or maybe it's only my perception of her that changed. The term trailer-trash... I've used it freely before without considering what it actually implies, but now that I think about it, it's such an ugly and gag-worthy term and can be just as offending as gay or retarded. I guess my point is, my perception of trashiness has taken on a more stringent standard after college. Trashy clothes are more acceptable, alcohol and weed is everywhere, sex is no longer a taboo, babies are just the typical aftermath of an ops moment. I still don't approve of every aspect of college culture, but now I don't tend to make a big deal out of them anymore. I don't know if this is the normal college life. Most of the old friends I've talked to during the summer said that college is pretty much a continuation of high school but I'd completely disagree with that, and it's not a bad thing at all (or maybe it could be a bad thing... I don't know anymore).

Yeah, so I got more clothes! That's a total of four shopping trips over the summer. Uhh kill me, a quarter of my paycheck goes to the mall, fml. Liz, stop me before I go bankrupt. Somehow Chris found out about my awful habit of spending money on clothes that I never end up wearing (thanks Ariel -.-). Now he wants me to start wearing decent clothes, either that or he's challenging me to a fashion show so he can show me up with his hippie ass clothes that he bought over the summer. So far we decided on two judges (if you'll agree to it): Liz and Ariel, Ariel will probably vote for Chris (because you like him better) and hopefully Liz likes me more? :D So it'll be one-one and we'd be back to where we started. We'll need a third judge, preferably an unbiased judge with a high sense of fashion... but I think I'll just end up caving and let him declare himself a winner. Clothes are only fun to try on at the mall, but planning out your outfits everyday is such a hassel, I'd rather use the extra 10 minutes in the morning to snooze and be lazy. I wonder if the majority thinks like Chris, who pays alota attention to his image, or Joe the shoeless hobo. :P I'm sort of split in between, meaning if you dress sloppily I may think negatively of you but there's not much of a difference between semi-decent vs. high fashioned. Your thoughts?


  1. Sure, I'll be a judge. :3 I can't wait to see how this turns out.

  2. What does he consider decent clothes? Do yours have to have Engrish phrases and pictures? Oh, the haute couture of Kerich.

    So if trashy clothes are more accepted, but you still think negatively of ppl who don't dress up, does that mean trashy clothes are still somewhat disapproved of? I'm mostly okay with people wearing whatever; maybe it's just when ppl look like they're trying too hard to look a certain way (slutty, trashy when they're not, gangsta) that it is an offense. Yeah, I definitely cringe when I think about how I used "trailer trash" in an especially unnecessary situation. However, some people legitimately are like that, or dress like that. It's like people who act or dress like the guidos/guidettes from Jersey Shore. If the description is legit, you must acquit!

    Also, apparently, the Jonas Brothers are from the "shore region of New Jersey," which I'm interpreting as Wikipedia's way of avoiding the truth that they're from the Jersey shore lol.

  3. yeah i still disapprove to some extent, but now when i think of trashiness i think sloppy rather than slutty. don't really have much of a problem with sluttyness... i won't dress that way myself but if someone wants to look slutty, then that's their personal choice. :P ohh Jersey, poor Jersey, they have the worst reputation hahah.