Sunday, July 11, 2010

Babies, food, soccer, and octopus

So we had an Asian party over bbq and potluck and soccer today at our place with some of my dad's friends. Three of the families had little babies, one of them is 7 months old, the other ones are 2 years and 4 years. Oh, and the 7 month old one is named Wallie. He's the cute one... but it must suck to be named after a robot. Ohh Asian parents :\ And the 2 year old is named Ben, which is normal as an English name, but translated into Chinese, it means "stupid"... just a funny observation... I wonder if his chinese name actually uses the same character as "stupid" because that would be very unfortunate. Anyways, that's pretty much the only interesting facts about the babies, other than that, they just stare at people and drool alot.

There was a lot of delicious Asian food. Two of my favorites were the vegetarian baozi, which is sort of like dumplings except they're steamed instead of boiled, and japchae, which is korean noodle....sooooo good! I'll definitely try to a hand at making them at dinner in Shadyoak sometimes.

Yeah so, the world cup...

I never really caught on with the soccer fanaticism so I really don't have much to say about it. But, apparently, Chinese people are crazy about soccer. I wonder why, I mean you don't see Chinese soccer making headline news. Is the Chinese team even ranked in FIFA?

The first 110 minutes were excruciatingly boring, and when it came down to about 5 minutes left we were all looking forward to the penalty shootout. Then out of nowhere Spain pulled that last minute lucky shot. I honestly think Germany got robbed of their place in the finals, it's such a shame that Muller missed the Germany vs. Spain game, if he were there, they would have been the ones playing the Dutch today. But watevs, yay Spain! The octopus did it again huh. There's something profoundly fishy about a cephalopod being able to predict the outcome of 10 games in a roll correctly. I admit I'm just an skeptic in general but I really think its a hoax, they probably did something with Paul's food...


  1. They've speculated about Paul's clairvoyance, and they said that octopodes (the correct plural :D although octopuses is also accepted) prefer bright colors (though they're colorblind) and stripes. Hence, since Germany's flag has a yellow stripe, it was usually chosen, though Paul did also pick Spain once (for the big yellow stripe in the middle?) It was really funny/scary that when he picked Spain to beat Germany, a bunch of ppl in Germany called for him to be "cooked and eaten." -_- However, Spain's industry minister and some other guy declared they would provide security for Paul the Octopus lol.

    Yeah, China didn't even qualify for the top 64, and for some reason, Taiwan never has. You would think if they love those sports so much, they'd try harder (and China would be able to recruit a good enough team from over a billion people)!

  2. oh yeahh i heard about that too! uruguay did that too, (today's dinner special, uruguayan fried octopus... rofl) and yeah good point, not being able to choose a competent team from a billion people is a big fail.