Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yes, I converted Tumblr. :\

Will probably still keep blogger running though.

New Years Resolution or whatnot

1. Stop bitting and peeling my nails
2. Enjoy life: started following football Sundays again since break started. Watching the Pats game while noming on wings and fries makes me feel like a kid again, but it's a nice change for a while.
3. Run a quarter marathon: originally my goal was to go for a half marathon by seeing as I haven't ran in a long time, that might not be a feasible goal. So for now, striving a quarter marathon... by the end of this summer.
4. Be more tolerant of my mom, and her bible ramblings.
5. Be more organized. I made a google calendar this morning as a start :)
6. Make new friends, keep in touch with old ones: text greetings spammed my phone after Christmas morning and New Years and it's nice to know that friends haven't forgot about you. Thinking back, I haven't done as much as I should have to keep in touch with people, but this will change next semester :)
7. Not fall on my butt so much the next time I go skating.
8. Stop eating three dinners a day.
9. Go somewhere outside of Pittsburgh for spring break.
10. Self-perfection: as the Odyssey assignment says: perfect what you're good at rather than focus on what you suck at. I just finished my cultivated self assignment this morning. The assignment was to gather stories from your friends of instances where you exemplifying your best traits. From the stories I got, the consensus was that I'm caring, selfless, logical, focused, dedicated to work, cheerful, reflective, dedicated to service, and curious, so I guess I better work on perfecting these traits.
11. Survive.

11 resolutions for 2011, let's see how this works out.