Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been exploring some eating places in Cambridge over the past couple of weeks during lunch and after work. This is mostly a note to myself so I can remember... in case I come back again in the future and forget which ones are good.

Pepper Sky- so so, tastes a bit like Taste of India though...

Middle East- was gonna come here with Liz to see a band but the event got canceled. (btw we still need to meet up and do something) Went here with Christine this week and ate some delicious kabab and kibbe over an interesting discussion about MIT quirks. Random fact, MIT dorms have something similar to our condom wall, they have trippier condoms though... theirs are flavored and they glow in the dark... woah!

Mulan-went here with our research group for Xiaojiang's farewell party ;_; We reserved a roundtable so there were alottt of food. Delicious... a bit pricey.

Toscannini's- best ice cream place ever.

Fire and Ice- I love the concept of having the chief grill whatever ingredients you choose.

Thailand Cafe-it's okay, but the lunch specials are blehh.

Cafe Luna-yummy salads~

Indian Restaurant that I don't remember the name of-Rahul showed me the proper way of eating a chicken. Thank you Rahul.

Mary Chung-their stuff is really good, would go there everyday if I can.

Cinderalla's-lol my friend got food poisoning after eating their fish sandwich.

Pacific St. Cafe-very convenient if you don't feel like waiting, but the waiters don't know how to speak English.

That's all. Hoping to explore more places soon. Overall, Cambridge food > Pittsburgh food.

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