Sunday, March 13, 2011

Countdown 6 hours until Self-Control timers goes to 00:00:00 (aka facebook time). I suddenly have a strong urge to go on facebook. There's no legitimate reasons for me to go on, but my fingers have developed the habit of periodically typing facebook into the browser bar and now the withdrawal is making me go crazy. What a stupid reason for staying up late on a Sunday night but heck, sleeping is for losers anyway. So, as of now I'm finding refuge on here and trying to be productive at the same time.

So much work.

Chem lab report due soon but I can't work on it now because mother earth picked a perfect time to strike an earthquake on Japan, which wiped out the SDBS server and now all us poor lab students can't access the IR/NMR database as reference to verify if we correctly identified our unknown compounds.

Organic II test Wednesday: will completely destroy me for sure seeing as even Xuexia is having a hard time with the practice test.

251 homework: MUST... maintain... B- average. Fuck I refuse to spend so much time on this course and get a C or worse.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yes, I converted Tumblr. :\

Will probably still keep blogger running though.

New Years Resolution or whatnot

1. Stop bitting and peeling my nails
2. Enjoy life: started following football Sundays again since break started. Watching the Pats game while noming on wings and fries makes me feel like a kid again, but it's a nice change for a while.
3. Run a quarter marathon: originally my goal was to go for a half marathon by seeing as I haven't ran in a long time, that might not be a feasible goal. So for now, striving a quarter marathon... by the end of this summer.
4. Be more tolerant of my mom, and her bible ramblings.
5. Be more organized. I made a google calendar this morning as a start :)
6. Make new friends, keep in touch with old ones: text greetings spammed my phone after Christmas morning and New Years and it's nice to know that friends haven't forgot about you. Thinking back, I haven't done as much as I should have to keep in touch with people, but this will change next semester :)
7. Not fall on my butt so much the next time I go skating.
8. Stop eating three dinners a day.
9. Go somewhere outside of Pittsburgh for spring break.
10. Self-perfection: as the Odyssey assignment says: perfect what you're good at rather than focus on what you suck at. I just finished my cultivated self assignment this morning. The assignment was to gather stories from your friends of instances where you exemplifying your best traits. From the stories I got, the consensus was that I'm caring, selfless, logical, focused, dedicated to work, cheerful, reflective, dedicated to service, and curious, so I guess I better work on perfecting these traits.
11. Survive.

11 resolutions for 2011, let's see how this works out.