Saturday, December 18, 2010

If I were rich...

I would probably find myself in the streets of Miami wasting away my days. It's a horrific thought, sure, but in all likely cases, that would be what happens since I can't be trusted with too much luxury. I was just thinking about what I'd do if I had suddenly won the lottery one day and became a millionaire. Either money would corrupt me or I would lose it all overnight just as easily as I lose my wallet. Yesterday, Jessica (the girl from London) and I were talking about her life as the daughter of a billionaire. She has vacationed in every continent except for Africa and South America, had dinners with the president of China, seen Paris Hilton while shopping in New York, she owns three houses all in different countries, and probably has enough money to feed an entire city, but she doesn't seem at all comfortable talking about the benefits of being rich. The two things she did stress was her brother's clubbing obsession and her father's habit of smoking 3 packs of cigarette per day. I wonder if all the rich had some flaws. It would make sense that rich people are more susceptible to bad habits since they're not under financial stress and so they don't have the need to stay professional or sober or well-educated or whatever, and it's just so much easier (not healthier, but easier) to live life like its the 20s. So yeah, back to what i was saying about wasting my life away in Miami. We visited Miami 3 years ago? And the only thing I remember from there was all the drunk people coming out of clubs at 7 in the morning and i think if i were rich, i would eventually end up in one of these places cuz of my lack of will to stay in school/work for admission into medical school/whatever track id thought id be going into.
Speaking of school, grades came out yesterday.... 3.69qpa and A's in all core courses. I think not sleeping for the entire finals week has paid off. My only regret is not leaving time to study for data structures and going into that final with a caffeine high thinking id ace it without knowing anything we learned over the last month. Also, I would really like the idea of installing shower rooms in the library for the poor kids who need a place to cram for finals but don't want to walk back to their dorms at 5 in the morning. Jessica told me that in London, they have 3 weeks of break to cram for finals and alot of people live in the library for those 3 weeks with their sleeping bags and toothbrushes and it's so much more convenient for them to do so because they have shower rooms. A school like CMU were all the students are tortured by academics would really benefit from something like that.


More restaurant reviews:


Uncle Sams:best subs ever
Aladdins: decent if you're into mediterranean
Bangkok Balcony: portions are too small but delicious
Pamela's: great breakfast place
Rose Tea Cafe: comparable to bangkok
Quaker Steak and Lube: only go if you're going with Graham/someone who will devour wings like they're animals.
Primanti Brothers: bleh. personally, i don't like the idea of stuffing fries inside burgers
Eat Unique: interesting
Szechuan Express: yay for cheap Asian food!
Sushi boat: okay
Korea Garden: decent but expensive
Little Asia: their pad thai does not taste like pad thai
Star of India: bleh. comparable to... Taste of India...
Dave and Andy's: must go eat their ice cream... so good!!!


Not Your Average Joe's:is really not your average joe's: great food. Their bread is delicious.

Beer Works: i like the decorations/atmosphere, best steak ever, go there if you're in the mood for pigging out, not good for vegetarians. all the beer is freshly brewed from the restaurant

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