Thursday, December 16, 2010

girl from london

So a few days ago my mom called me and told me on a short notice that a girl from London will be coming to live with us for a few days over winter break. No details were given, I had no idea who she was or why she'll be living with us and at that time I was too burnt out from finals to bother asking for the details. Anyways, her flight was supposed to arrive at midnight yesterday, a few hours right after I get back from the mellon, but her first flight got delayed and she missed her connecting flight, so we ended up having to pick her up this morning. Apparently, this girl had been awake from at least 48 hours due to traveling and jetlag, but even then, she was full of energy and ready to soak in all the excitements of Boston. As a result, my mom and I ended up shopping with her for 7 hours today. Over the course of our hanging out today I learned a lot more about her background. She's a recent graduate from the London School of Economics and her hometown is in Hong Kong. Her father is an investor, hence she's visiting U.S. in her father's behalf to talk to my mom about developing an area nearby here that used to be a golf course. Her mother passed away to cancer and ever since then her father as been looking for cancer research company to invest in and after finding out about my dad's research he wanted to connect with my dad as well, but since he has been super busy lately, the daughter as been dispatched to us to spend a weekend here on the account of her having a week long vacation after school ended. Aside from the business talk, she's a very outspoken and friendly person with a ridiculous passion in shopping.

Claims from Our Shopping trip:

4 pairs of boots from UGG ~$400
1 mini wallet with a "moneyclip"? $150
3 dresses from BCBG ~$300
2 coats ~$300
1 dressy shirt ~???

1 sweater $19.99
1 dress $49.99
1 cinnamon pretzel $1.50

1 sweater for my daddy $40

A comment on the wallet: that thing is smaller than my palm and it looks just like any other ordinary wallet except its thinner and it has a clip that you can attach your cash to. She found it inside one of those glass display cases and the first thing she said was "woahh I need one of these, and it's so cheap! Only 150 dollars!" I can't imagine how rich she is... O_o

I asked her about the prices in London and she said that everything is more expensive, but then again the stores she go to are probably only meant to be for billionaires. The tradeoff is, the tuition for London School of Economics is only 15000 pounds per year for international students. And apparently, their vacation time add up to 6 months per year. What the heck CMU?

Oh yeah, when my mom first told me she's an Asian girl from London, I thought she would look and sound a bit like this

but it turned out that her English accent isn't British and she's not child-like at all. Instead, imagine a 23 year old Meryl Streep with a mixed South African/Chinese accent.

Tomorrow will be day two of shopping and then we'll visit the Harvard campus because she wanted to get a taste of the Ivy League. After that, my break officially starts with reading 100+ pages of publications about machine learning and pancreatic cancer, starting the assignment for Odyssey and applying to internships. Next week, all the Boston students are coming back from finals so I'll be pigging out at a friend's house and watching a movie during the weekend. Fun stuff! Yay for break!



  2. new update from today:

    she spent $3000 on a watch. her friend gave her $5000 to buy a watch for him but since the most expensive watch in the store was 3000 she settled for that one O_O;;;