Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Just listened in on a fabulous presentation about the genome as a giant sudoku puzzle and the process of genomic clustering and biomarker discovery, inarguably the most mind-opening talk I've heard in a long time, high respect for Dr. Murray Robinson. God I'll miss this place... so many interesting and intelligent people. Biology is not so boring, screw you hater CS/physics/math majors.

The dude working in the next lab bench, Zakir, is fasting for a month as part of his Islamic tradition. You'd think having no food all day would make you a grumpy and lethargic person, but he's more energetic and talkative than usual. Hmm... as a personal goal, I want to see if I can fast for at least a week, to make up for my failure at veggie nom.

Filling out my last time sheet. Time sheets... are so confusing. Why can't I just fill out the hours online? It's less likely to screw up the dates that way. Whoever invented the idea of timesheets deserves a punch in the balls.

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