Sunday, August 8, 2010

Movies watched/misc updates

Inception (8.5/10): I think the concept of a dream within a dream is clever but didn't like how the plot is based off a guy trying to steal business from a competition by manipulating with his mind through dreams, but overall, excellent special effects and what a twist ending.

Toy Story III (6/10): I didn't like it as much as other pixar movies such as Up and Ratatouille. Since they finally realized that the toys-coming-to-life aspect got old, they decided to incorporate social-commentary styled dialogues into the movie and made it seem like a poor version of a children's story trying to imitate adult humor. I didn't like first or second movie, maybe that's why I'm so critical on this one...

Dinner for Schmucks (7.5/10): A clever parody of the modern definition of intelligence vs. stupidity. The stuffed mice are so cute! I want one.

Liked the movie overall but it got a little crazy for me towards the end with that mind/brain control scene.

The Other Guys (9/10): Definitely a must-watch. It's stupid to the point of being funny plus it's a good action thriller, and Will Ferrell's detective partner is cute. New favorite movie quote: "Imma peacock, you gotta let me fly!"

Saw a flock of turkeys crossing the road in Burlington... that just made my day.

Had my second trip to a legit Indian Restaurant yesterday. I didn't know that haddock was a fish until now... nor that when on the subject of Indian food, mildly spicy means Bhut Jolokia mouth burning/tongue inflaming spicy. O_o

Can't believe its nearing the end of summer vacation. Two more weeks and... CMU >_<. I still need to get my schedule sorted. As of now I have 62 units :O But I can't drop Chinese until I know for sure that I can enroll in 15121 since its lab time on Thursday conflicts with undergraduate colloquium. I'd rather not take undergraduate colloquium but I don't know if it's required for sophomore biology majors. I shoot Dr. Braun an email but she's on vacation and wont be able to respond until next week. Ugh. Or maybe I shouldn't drop anything, 62 units is manageable right...? Although that would mean going hungry on Mon/Wed/Fridays...


  1. 62 units is not manageable. Just ask vivian. XD

    Man, I wanna see dinner for schmuks. It's actually based on a french short film of a similar title. The french one was pretty good so I'm hoping the american version lives up to it.

    Also: you, me, beach, saturday?!?

  2. Yeah you should go watch it! I thought the movie was a little strange at parts (very Jim Carrey-asque) but it's still worth watching.

    Also: yeah we should go to the beach this weekend! I'll give you a call later! Can't believe we have to go back so soon, where did summer go?