Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Counting cells is sleep inducing

Of course they would dump the most boring job on the intern. Each time I open up another histology image file, my heart just dies a little inside. Reminds me of the time Vivian, Ariel and I had to paint a basement-full of leaves for TSA, except this is ten times worse. At least painting leaves doesn't require much thinking and on the plus side, we were suffering together in misery, but now I must bare the burden alone. WHERE ARE YOU VIVIAN AND ARIEL?? i miss you guys :(

And since counting cells is so boring, I'm being rebellious and giving myself a little down time to plan out a schedule for the rest of this week.

Plans for this week:


-listen to morning presentation, free donuts
-finish counting cells, 4 more images to go
-find some soothing trance/stoner music to learn to while counting cells

-change medium for cell line
-finish dosing (fyi, the mice I accidentally dosed with alcohol are all miraculously still alive :D)
-type up raw data on excel
-figure out how to make charts for efficacy study
-group meeting afternoon

-follow Feng around

After work:
-finish Gossip Girl season 2
- watch It's Sunny in Philadelphia and How I Met Your Mother by Adrian's recommendation
-more practice with java applet
-get through chapter 2 of organic chem

-swimming? beach?
-kayaking with liz?


  1. Yay your mice are alive!! XD

  2. Sorry man, I'm with you in spirit though!! FIGHT ON DUDE. Don't forget, you're getting paid :D unlike the leaves where we were free labor =_=.