Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love ebay!

Just discovered the awesomeness of ebay shopping thanks to Vivian.

Things bought so far:

Portable Sewing Machine $17.39

Principles of Biochemistry $43.99

Organic Chemistry $29.99

Things still on my wishlist:

Adjustable Mannequin: lowest offer $133.80

Noise Cancelling Headphones: $46.95- $300+

Italian Recipe books: $0.99+

More clothes


So, I cleaned out my closet today and found a mountain of clothes that are too small/old/unfashionable. I'm thinking about recycling the fabrics and making dresses and tops out of them, hence the sewing set and adjustable mannequin. I doubt that any of the stuff I make will be wearable in the future, but it should be a fun summer project. Updates and pictures to come if and when I get the sewing set!

Also, internship starting next Monday!

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  1. lol, everyone's going to get trapped under the influence of eBay =O.