Sunday, March 13, 2011

Countdown 6 hours until Self-Control timers goes to 00:00:00 (aka facebook time). I suddenly have a strong urge to go on facebook. There's no legitimate reasons for me to go on, but my fingers have developed the habit of periodically typing facebook into the browser bar and now the withdrawal is making me go crazy. What a stupid reason for staying up late on a Sunday night but heck, sleeping is for losers anyway. So, as of now I'm finding refuge on here and trying to be productive at the same time.

So much work.

Chem lab report due soon but I can't work on it now because mother earth picked a perfect time to strike an earthquake on Japan, which wiped out the SDBS server and now all us poor lab students can't access the IR/NMR database as reference to verify if we correctly identified our unknown compounds.

Organic II test Wednesday: will completely destroy me for sure seeing as even Xuexia is having a hard time with the practice test.

251 homework: MUST... maintain... B- average. Fuck I refuse to spend so much time on this course and get a C or worse.

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